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Giving everyone the opportunity to explore space by putting a virtual reality camera on the International Space Station!

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Tech Update I: Thermal Analysis
about 4 years ago – Wed, Sep 09, 2015 at 10:35:17 PM

WOW!!! 24% backed in 24 hours! Earthlings are so amazing! 

One of the key factors limiting the operational time for the Overview One is thermal overheating. GoPro cameras have a built-in thermal switch that shuts them down at 43.8 degrees Celsius (See figure 1 below) after approximately 28 mins. To prevent that from happening, five 1.4 CFM (0.040m³/min) DC fans are included in the Overview One design to provide convective cooling, while NASA outgas complaint thermal epoxy (EP42HT-2AO-1 BLACK) provides conductive heat transfer away from the image processing Integrated Circuit (IC) hotspots.  

Figure 1 - GoPro thermal shutdown measured by SpaceVR
Figure 1 - GoPro thermal shutdown measured by SpaceVR

In order to operate the Overview One for 2 hour spans we designed a simple and robust thermal control system using LISA FEA. This system extended the cameras operational run time by a factor of 4, enabling us to capture our 360 VR high altitude balloon content here. You should check out LISA FEA's YouTube thermal tutorials for your own project.

Tech updates will be released every 3 days. The next topic... Go Pro’s in SPACE!. You can ask other technical questions in the comments below and on Twitter using the hashtag #AskSpaceVR, which we will answer in our mid campaign Q&A video and Reddit AMA.

Blaze Sanders
Sr. Electrical Engineer